Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mothers day

I think we can all agree that mum's are pretty special people. My mum, however, is even more special because she makes the best cake in the world - a banana sponge roll, which is a home made sponge, wrapped around some fresh cream and bananas, and covered in a delicious chocolate icing topped with desiccated coconut. Mmmm.... I used to have to beg and plead for this cake to be made but, since I've moved out of home, my requests get results at a much higher success rate! It appears absence makes the mum cook favourites. Either that, or she's finally realised that I am indeed her favourite child... (Don't tell my brothers!)

Today (again, in Aussie land) is Mum's birthday, and I hope that she is being treated like a queen! I'm not going to blather about the usual soppy stuff Hallmark says you should say about your mum. My mum is a strong, stubborn, loving, argumentative, caring, and beautiful woman with gorgeous red cheeks, a habit of dying her hair odd colours, and a secret softer side that not everyone gets to see. I know that my mum's heart is choc-full of love for her family and on her birthday I want her to know that my heart could just about burst with how much I love her back.

I love you Mum, even more than I love your banana sponge rolls (and that's saying something!), so I hope you have a fabulous day, and that you get at least five extra hugs from everyone you see today to make up for the ones that I can't give you in person (Dad - please make sure they deliver).

Happy birthday my dearest Mum!! xx


  1. Happy Birthday to your mum, she sounds like a great person.

  2. In what has been a difficult year for you all, the kind words (truth) that you have written will be sure to put a smile on her face and bring back many pleasant memories. Happy birthday Sarah's mum and thank you for sharing her with the rest of us.


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