Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I turn 29!!! I danced my birthday in with Mr In Wonderland at midnight, then came home to sleep and woke up to some lovely presents, and a Canadian breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fried eggs and golden syrup at a cafe by the sea - complete with bubbles!

My brother in Queensland and his family sent me a handy handbag hook and some money, and Mum & Dad sent through a kitten-covered hand-made card and a birthday cheque! The ever-gorgeous Adyak sent me the most gorgeous Mimco bow brooch with a locket dangling from it, complete with photo of us and her kitty Fing on her wedding day. When I get a good photo of it, I'll be sure to show you. And of course, there's my business class flight from New York to London, courtesy of His Travel Romance!

I also waited until today to unwrap my new little pile of books, ordered via the Book Depository - fast delivery and cheap prices - the best way to buy books, ever! (end unpaid advert)

So after all this tiring birthday work, it's no surprise that a girl had to duck out to the back yard for a nap on the lawn before her lunch date with the Perth swing dancing scene...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mail From Latvia #2

With only four more sleeps until my birthday, I thought I should whip out the second of my vintage dresses from Latvia! Any excuse is a good excuse...

Vintage dress, bow tights from Alannah Hill, shoes by Zola from Zomp, belt from Veronika Maine, cardi from Sportsgirl, Burberry watch and Pandora bracelet.

I love these shoes. Love, love, love. I've had them for over a year now, and I just love how they're a boot, but they're not! And I also admit that I fell ever so slightly more in love with them after I saw Serena wearing something similar on Gossip Girl! And the dress? I love it too! I was told I look like a nanna when I wore this outfit. I take that as a compliment!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mail From Latvia

Today my three lovely vintage dresses finally arrived from Beta Boutique!

I say finally not because Beta was tardy with posting, but because Australia Post's online tracking system wasn't working. Having checked the web site every other day for the last two weeks, I actually called AusPost this afternoon to ask if they could see where my parcel was because I was concerned that it still hadn't appeared to have arrived in the country. I was informed my dresses had arrived in Sydney on 4 April but they couldn't tell me why they were still in Sydney or when I would receive them. With much disappointment I hung up the phone and plodded home, only to be greeted with a big, squishy, yellow parcel from the post office! Huzzah!

So here we have my new vintage dress, purple flower brooch from Diva, black belt that has been with me for so long I can't remember where it came from, gold leaf bangle from the Guildford Farmers Markets, black Falke stockings gifted from the gorgeous CW, and purple shoes from I Love Billy.

My first official outfit post... How'd I do?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nine More Sleeps!

Although my little ticker is telling me that I will be leaving the country in exactly two months, two weeks, and two days, something else very exciting is happening in just nine sleeps time... My birthday!

I am very much a birthday girl, and I relish the opportunity to have a day that is all about me! Well, me and St George apparently, but I'm happy to share with a guy who will protect me from dragons and encourage me to wear red roses on my lapels... (Note: my birthday, I get to mix traditions and make them up as I go along. That's the rule.)

To celebrate my birthday this year I have taken my inspiration from Jessica Claire (which I realise I've mentioned before...), and I am super supremely excited to be lucky enough to be having my birthday in the garden of Wonderland. Mr & Miss Wonderland are absolute darlings and have just made my day by letting me invade their perfect little walled garden - more than they can know - and I know they read this so thank you so very, very much.

Paper hearts are being cut out, tissue pom poms are being planned (along with wet weather contingency plans) and my little heart was just fluttering away in delight waiting for the ever so lovely Yak to put together my birthday invitations. They arrived about a week ago and ever since I have been trying to set aside some time to photograph them so that I can show you. So, without further flurry or ado... My beautiful, beautiful birthday invitations!

My dearest Yak designed, printed, ribboned, and posted these little marvels to me and I am ever so grateful for her skill and warm heart. xx

Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Your Disney On

It's been another crazy busy time - working all weekend, then fitting in social commitments around that. Saturday night was a double-whammy. First, His Travel Romance and I went out for dinner to meet the lady who will be looking after our fluffy little girl for the five months we're both away from home. The Nanny is absolutely lovely and I am now feeling secure and happy about Annie's living arrangements whilst we're away. The second commitment was the long awaited, much anticipated Disney Party for Ash's (2)6th birthday!

His Travel Romance worked tirelessly all through Saturday whilst I was at work, sewing and crafting an outfit so that we could go as the Slinky Dog from Toy Story!

Can you see the resemblance?? Our slink was fashioned out of laundry hampers and floating floorboard underlay cut and sewn into strips, and my floppy brown ears used to be a pair of brown pants from an op-shop.

The party was a fabulous success, with some amazingly colourful costumes and characters.

The birthday girl (Jesse) and Mr In Wonderland (Woody)

Such a pity I had to be at work again by 7am the next morning!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Boop!

A very, very happy birthday to one of the most vivacious, fun-loving, delightful, spontaneous, crafty, swingingist, and just plain crazy ladies I have ever had the pure pleasure of knowing!

In Bali for my birthday last year - dressed to go white water rafting!

Miss In Wonderland turns even more fabulous today, and I look forward to more fun dressing up times with her in the very near future! ... Just look at her will you - she just glows with fun in every photo!

Love you, you funny, crazy, pink banjo playing girl :-)


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, the loneliness birds came and started laying stone eggs in my heart... His Travel Romance was at his sister's wedding in Adelaide, and I was here alone, and will be until tomorrow afternoon when he arrives back home, having spent the entire Easter break away. I try to act chipper about it most of the time, but having finished cleaning the house, and having run out of social engagements for the weekend, (and having had someone drop oily pasta on my brand new, expensive, soft beige leather boots that I was wearing only for the second time since picking them up off of lay-bye, which has upset me greatly) it has hit me a little...

To add to it, early this morning strong winds were blowing things against our house, and I couldn't sleep because my imagination suggested that each and every noise could be someone trying to get in, and I waited, with breath held, to see if the noise persisted or became smashing glass or a rattling door knob. It never did. There was always just a different noise which I had to listen out for anew. It seems that the score is 1-0 for Imagination Vs Logic - but then again, Imagination did have the 'it's dark outside' advantage.

I don't like being alone. I don't like my imagination turning on me. To escape, I have decided I will go to Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire, England.

Photo by Geoff Spivey

If not literally, then at least I know my imagination is most certainly up to the task of getting me there to run through autumnal leaves and frolic in fields of Bluebells...

Photo by Welltaken

Ashridge Estate was shown to me by Dog-Eared, and is now most certainly on my 'to do' list for when I get to the UK.

Photo by Steve Shipman

Really, could you imagine a more beautiful spot for a picnic?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Running Girl

I have noticed that most blogs I read are either focussed strongly on fashion (vintage), or craft and creativity. The women behind these blogs are beautiful, intelligent, witty, creative, charming, and a joy to read about. I've seen other blogs around that focus solely on loosing weight. The women behind these blogs are strong-willed, adamant, inspiring, and they watch what they eat very, very closely. What I have not seen is a blog about a normal, everyday girl, who is somewhat fashion-oriented, loves vintage, splurges a little on desserts, loves good food and adores good wines, yet tries also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure many of the lovely ladies I read are very much like this (or else they wouldn't look so good in all those outfits I see them posting photos of!), however no one seems to mention it. So, on this weekend of chocolate indulgence (for I am not religious), I give you Pink Running Girl:

Pink Running Girl recently bought some lovely vintage frocks. Just the other day she indulged in a sumptuous three course lunch including pate, salmon, and creme caramel at a delightful French restaurant and, to evidence her crafty side, she is currently knitting a blanket. This morning, to ensure she looks good in those vintage frocks despite such indulgences as the three course French lunch, and to ensure her fingers aren't too chubby to maneuver her knitting needles, she went for a 4km run in her fabulous pink running shorts and spiffy pink sun visor. Later today she even chose a flat white over a milo double malt shake with two scoops of delicious, creamy icecream, so that she could come home later and enjoy a glass or two of red wine and her Kinder Surprise chocolate bunny. Pink Running Girl knows it's all about balance, and if you ever think she looks good, it's only because she tries hard!

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