Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dot points of happiness

A few things that are making me smile (and not able to sleep due to my excitement) lately:

  • My Dance Husband gets here next week.
  • This is my last weekend in London. Next weekend I'm in Durham, UK, the weekend after I go to Oxford. After that it's Bulgaria, then Paris, then home!
  • I'm going swing dancing next weekend... AND I have a dress for the movie premiere night that was on sale, and will double as my long-coveted black day maxi dress!
  • I now own this ski jacket and salopettes:
  • I got the above ski outfit for only £40!
  • I now know that the fancy name for "ski pants" is "salopettes".
  • His Travel Romance moves into our new house next week, and I'll be there just a month later.
  • His Travel Romance booked my ticket home recently, and I get to fly in an A380 via an afternoon in Perth catching up with everyone I miss so dearly!

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