Friday, February 4, 2011

It ain't too much for me to jam

Things are going to get sketchy. Not that they aren't already Miss Last Post Was Over A Week Ago, you say.

Well - times-a-runnin'-out and things need to be done, Dance Husbands need to be entertained, bags need to be packed, weighed, re-packed, re-weighed (etc), and trips to lovely places need to be taken!

The weekend just gone, for example, Dance Husband and I rented a car along with Miss Revival and Curly Haired Canadian Rob, and we drove up to the beautiful city of Durham for DJAM 2011. It was a fabulous weekend and so much fun - I highly recommend this event to any swing dancers looking for a highly organised and excellently put together program! The weekend was run like a university - you could choose to do whichever 'course' you liked and could switch around at any time. Dance Husband and I mostly concentrated on blues, but I also attempted to learn the Tranky Do before my head imploded.

The location itself was oh-so-lovely. Durham has a gorgeous river wrapping around its centre, a stunning cathedral, and beautiful bridges. The hotel was lovely, the food was delicious, DJAM rocked, and this was certainly the most relaxing weekend I've had in while.

This coming weekend we're off to Oxford, followed by my last week of work, then a ski trip to Bulgaria, and finally, five nights in Paris before I do a final pack, final weigh, final re-pack, final re-weigh (etc), off-load some of my excess stuff to my lovely Dance Husband who has been ever so kind as to let me use some of his weight allowance, and we head home to the great brown flooded windswept land!

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  1. Baha! Yes. ENTERTAIN ME! I demand it! Raaaaaar!


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