Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day three of learning to become a snow queen

Day three, yesterday, was a much, much, much better day than day two. Certain people had me worried that day three was going to be more horrendous than day two (not mentioning anyone based in the US currently MG...) but fortunately, after a few goes on the baby slopes with the lovely Di-bird guiding me, and after some strong persuasion, I sat petrified in the chair lift heading back to the top of the mountain.

There had been some fresh snow so not quite so many patches of grass and rocks to navigate around, and this time my efforts were concentrated solely on control and the ability to stop myself whenever I so wished. I managed to navigate past the location of my previous yard sale (a term given to me by Star and MG meaning when you stack it and everything flies everywhere) and beyond, falling, if not rarely, then at least far less often than I feel previously, and much more softly - a good thing considering I'd forgotten to bring along my wrist guards that day. We made plenty of group stops along the way, taking our time to take in the mountains and allowing the stragglers (ie, me) to catch up.

I will admit to still walking down the final part of the run - it scares the bejeebers out of me, with a sudden drop off one side of the relatively narrow run, and a rock wall on the other. With my limited ability to control my board I don't fancy the outcome either of those two options offer, so I find it best to take the slow, easy way down. But, I'll get there. Persistence is key.

Today was a rest day. I did go up the mountain to take some photos but the weather was bad and the mountains were shrouded in cloud, affording very few photo opportunities.

Cross on top of the mountain

In the afternoon we explored the old town of Bansko, saw some shaggy goats, played in the playground, and had some flaming lunch...

... Followed by a Bulgarian dinner, complete with folk music.

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