Friday, June 3, 2011


Today I:

- Excitedly bought the just released Seeker Lover Keeper album on iTunes! Twice. The second time was as a surprise gift for my good friend Yak but unfortunately, despite the time difference between us and Yakmum telling me she was still asleep, she had already woken up and bought it herself! Fail.

- Got a little obsessive with the above album and, after discovering I'd accidentally had the album on shuffle and, after stopping and starting the music a few times, noting that this had resulted in some songs having been played twice whilst others were yet to be played, sat down and sorted the album by the "plays" column and proceeded to ensure that all songs had been treated fairly and equitably. I am pleased to report that now all songs on this lovely album have each been played exactly three times.

- Ran 6km in my Vibram's for the second time ever, and recorded my second best ever time for the distance, according to my Garmin Forerunner 310XT. These two items are inspiring to run with. The Vibram's for the natural running style they promote that causes less jarring up through your body, and the Garmin for being able to get all geeky with my running data once I'm back home! Seriously - I need to know what my heart rate was like at the 24.3 minute mark, and what my elevation and speed were at the same time! And, just getting back to the Vibram's, I just want to say that I am so proud of my calf muscles! When I first ran with these on, I ran 2km on a treadmill and then couldn't walk for three days afterwards due to the pain! Now look at me go :-)

- Came across this article on the top five regrets people have on their death beds, and thought that I know a couple of people who may suffer from these, including myself. I will try to remedy this.

- Saw the below lovely blanket on Etsy in Verity Kizek's shop, the light garden, and wished so much that I could make one myself. But, apart from the fact that I have never crocheted in my life, the cost of buying the yarn for such an endeavor means that I'm really better off just buying one!

- Decided that my dancing shoes have not seen anywhere near enough action since my return to Australia. So, I put them on and did the Jitterbug Stroll and the Shim Sham in my dining room.

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