Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Australian travels

There is a Kookaburra balancing tentatively on a branch outside my window, and beyond him there are clouds rolling over tree-covered hills. Although I can't see them from here, I know that within walking distance of where I sit, there are cows grazing by a creek, and nearly every house on my street has a dog running around the yard. I'm back in my new rural home again, after two weeks of driving around South Australia and Victoria, visiting family and friends, and having a fabulous time doing it!

I went to Adelaide Fringe shows, had BBQ's, picnics, and amazing breakfasts, visited Maggie Beer's Farm, met new boyfriends and new babies, helped Dad celebrate his birthday and Mum and Dad celebrate their anniversary, started a new fitness and nutrition plan, and created a fourth anniversary present for His Travel Romance, just to name a few things.

Sunday morning breakfast, as only my lovely friend Yak can do

Picnic basket and wine at Maggie Beer's Farm

Toby snuggling with new little Lachie in Melbourne

My anniversary present to His Travel Romance - a collection
of B&W photos of us and flowers picked from our garden

Now that I'm home, my 'to do' list is quite expansive. I will be sorting through clothes and selling quite a few things on ebay, re-arranging the house, and working out what new furniture we need to buy to make up for the lack of storage space we have here. My new fitness regime has me eating every 2-3 hours, drinking three liters of water a day, and juggling three weights sessions and four cardio sessions each week. I am working with our dog, Wallace, and getting his training up to scratch which means lots of walks, and as HTR cannot drive due to a broken toe, I drop him off at work, pick him up afterwards, and  am his on-call chauffeur during the day. The garden out the back is getting very weedy so that needs attention, and at some point I will have to learn how to mow the lawns - I voted we get a pet goat for that but that idea didn't fly very far...

But, first things first - into my wardrobe I go!

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  1. How do I find your ware's on eBay?? LW


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