Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slow lane

Life has hit the slow lane and I feel like I'm crawling along at a mundane pace where the scenery doesn't change very often. That's not a complaint, it's just where I am, and why I don't have a terrible amount to say lately.

I've started looking for work, but the fact is that there are no jobs on a par with what I was doing back in Perth. In fact, there are relatively few jobs full stop. In the month and a bit I've been looking (where we define looking as searching on Seek every day) only two roles have come up that I would even consider applying for - one of them I'm still waiting to hear back about, and the other I got an immediate rejection for which I can only assume is because the role was filled prior to it being advertised but, being a governmental role, they had to advertise anyway. I assume this, because I ticked every single box they wanted ticked, in pretty multi-coloured pens, folded the checklist up and created a beautiful origami crane with it, and then the crane came to life and flew around the room leaving rainbows in its wake. I can only say that frustration levels were rather high when an application that should have hit right on the recruiter's dream list didn't even warrant an interview.

My fitness and nutrition regime continues, although I'm starting to look at challenging myself a bit more now. It's been nearly three whole months since I've had a cup of coffee (excluding the traditional black coffee with rum in it on Anzac morning prior to the Dawn Service), and I'm still not sure why I'm avoiding it other than the fact that I have been for so long now. His Travel Romance and I visited Cofield Wines last weekend where we discovered a new red we'd never heard of before - the mighty Durif - which was described to us, most accurately, as a Shiraz on steroids. Delicious. This weekend we made a quick trip to Melbourne where I obtained my Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate so that, if I decide to, I can try to get some casual work in nearby wineries. I also remembered how much I love the city of Melbourne...

Beautiful buildings, an amazing atmosphere, cozy little lane ways full of the most amazing cafes and shops, museums and art galleries you could spend weeks wandering through... It's enough to make a girl want to go back again next weekend for the  Good Food & Wine Show AND the Melbourne International Jazz Festival which are both on at the same time...

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