Monday, February 15, 2010

Citizenship And A Skirt

So, time was tripping merrily along, getting rather close to stumbling over the two week mark since I last heard about my application for British Citizenship. I will admit that our heroine was starting to get a little antsy about being contacted to attend her citizenship ceremony and was starting to pen polite but enquiring emails to Canberra in her head... Happily however, a friendly little email popped into my hotmail account this morning after I got to work and I joyously danced around in my chair, thrilled with the knowledge that I will be taking the Oath of British Citizenship on Thursday 4 March! Tea and scones anyone?

To celebrate, I tripped merrily along to Wheels & Dollbaby in King Street and splurged a little* on a fabulous new ballet skirt, teeming with layer upon beautiful layer of soft, buttery, french nude tulle.

* ok, maybe I splurged more than a little... But one has to look fabulous to live with the Queen!


  1. You are the epitome of beautifully beautiful. But only for a little while until you become a half-pom. Then you will be a beautifully beautiful traitor :) xx

  2. OMG....splurged a little, I almost fell off my little blogging nook, I KNOW how much that skirt was I've been eyeing it off (in black)...smack your hand young lady, ummmaaaahh!!! :) (We won't discuss my entire wardrobe of Alannah Hill) haha!
    P.S. it is truly fabulous!


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