Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Genius

I am absolutely loving swimming through the pages of Elizabeth Gilbert's amazingly successful Eat, Pray, Love. Her style of writing hands you a nice hot, welcoming cup of tea whilst she invites you in to sit down and make yourself comfortable in her life. Did you want a pizza with that? Let me grab you a slice from a favourite little place in Naples that I discovered. It's only a 15 minute walk from the train station... I love her! And, I've already started planning a weekend trip to Naples with one of my oldest friends, just so we can find that very pizza shop and experience the mouth-watering pizza that prompted Elizabeth's claim that the taste had her in such a delirium of love that she believed the pizza actually loved her in return! Mmmm, pizza.

Today a friend at work sent me a link to a talk Elizabeth gave on Ted about nurturing creativity and your connection to your creative genius. I would recommend that anyone with even a touch of creativity within them grab a coffee, sit down for 20 minutes, and listen to this inspirational woman speak about reducing the stress and neuroticism typical of creatives by removing some of the burden of their success, or lack thereof, by re-externalising their genius. It's certainly pizza for thought.

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