Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keeping Busy

Nights have been busy this week.

Wednesday night I had my first Italian lesson. For years now I've been wanting to learn a language. French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian... Any of them. All of them! Finally I've found some friends who also wanted to go to lessons and they wanted to learn Italian so, Italiano it is! It's such a beautiful language and, of course, knowing it will make ordering my pizza in Naples SO much easier!

Thursday night was my usual swing dancing lesson night in Leederville with Swing Zing. My fourth and final beginners balboa class followed by a lindy class in which we covered some charleston for the first time in quite a while (for me at least!). The classes were fabulous fun, but the night was topped off by a visit to a newly opened bar across the road - Kitsch Bar - which is just amazing! A beautiful, big frangipani tree grows in the middle of their courtyard, right near a wooden staircase that leans up against their garden gate, displaying gorgeous table lamps that are climbing their way up to no where. The menu is fresh and innovative Thai (and we'll be sampling that before next Thursday's dancing, don't you worry!) and they have a nice little selection of drinks from around the world. I tried myself a little German (having not drunk a German wine before), and found that I quite like it! Dr Loosen "Dr L" Riesling 08 from Mosel, if anyone is interested. Fruity, but not too sweet. Crisp, but not tart. Delicious. And, goes particularly well with Kitsch's delectable prawn crackers, which they brought out with compliments, dusted with sugar and salt. Mmmmmm.

Yesterday I actually had the day off work, with the intention of touring around and visiting four different cat resorts to see which would be the best home for my baby girl for the five months that His Travel Romance and I are both out of the country at the same time. Fortunately for me on a 40 degree day, a friend of mine has said that he knows someone who might be interested in housesitting for us so, after a short conversation, I gave up on the cat resorts and am now very excited at the prospect of Annie being able to stay home with a lovely psychologist lady, who will take care of her and our house while we're not here. Yay! So, Friday was instead spent visiting different secondhand stores, trawling for an outfit for a friend's rubiks cube party. I am now, temporarily, the proud owner of a white skirt, blue top, red belt, green scarf, orange gloves, and yellow sunglasses! I say temporarily because the idea is that by the end of the night, we must all have swapped items of clothing with each other so that we finish up being dressed entirely in one colour. Sound like fun? I can't wait!

Finally, last night was a crazy, hot, sweating-so-much-your-lead-keeps-losing-his-grip-on-you-must-go-outside-to-cool-down-every-five-minutes swing dancing extravaganza at The Mustang Bar which was so much fun I can't even begin to describe it! Everyone was there, the music was great, there was a jam, a shim sham, and we all went for pancakes afterwards. Could there be a better night out?

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