Monday, September 20, 2010


I just have to say that my niece is awesome to the power of infinity.

Today however, she is especially awesome, because today it's her birthday :-)

Ellie is the milk in my tea, the lemon and sugar on my pancakes, and the llama in my hat. In short, she makes life supremely fun and is one of the most delightful young ladies you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

She is the sweet little shortbread that the Smart Cookie was named after, and would give Julia Child a run for her money in the kitchen (as long as they were making chocolate souffles or semi-raw pancakes!).

She is a complete drama queen in the best possible way, who laughs with me at all the silly things we find on Youtube, and who is working with me closely on perfecting the art of growing up without growing up.

Without her, there would be no toe-sucking frog at my feet, Perth would be located no where near Canberra, and clouds would not be made out of fairy floss. So, on her birthday, I wish my darling niece the happiest, sparkliest, shiniest of days - may her hair be perfect for the entire 24 hours, may her teachers give her a cupcake with every piece of homework, and may the little somethin' somethin' I left for her brighten her day as much as she brightens my life.

Happy birthday Ellie! xx

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  1. This post is gorgeous! I just got blessed with my first niece a few weeks ago!

    Thank you so much for your comment my blog - it totally made my day!



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