Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sunshiny happiness

The last few days have been so beautifully warm and sunny that it's impossible to be sad or grumpy once you're out of doors... Perfect, heaven-sent weather for spending some nourishing time at the beach and dipping ones toes in the sea!

Blackpool Sands is, apart from misleading (sands??), a beautiful little sheltered beach surrounded by grassy cliffs on which white sheep with black heads were doing some sun-baking of their own (having recently rubbed factor 15 over their wooly whiteness - sheep don't like freckles you see). I had a lot of fun watching pasty white English folk frolicking about in the frosty water (suffice to say nothing beyond my ankles got wet!), and listening to children creating the life of an imaginary pirate called Captain Nobbles, who apparently lived just around the edge of the cove, just out of sight, and sometimes left spare keys in the ocean!

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