Saturday, October 2, 2010


Back home in Australia, I pretty much gave up on swimming at the beach. Not for fear of killer Great White Sharks, but because nearly every time I went in the water, without fail, a bastard of a jellyfish would sting me! Sure it doesn't kill you (the ones I swam with anyway), and the pain fades reasonably quickly, but it's a minor irritant I can do without.

Today Deanne took me out with her niece and her husband for a lovely walk down to a little swimming area between Valldemossa and Deia, known as 'hole in the rock' (can you see why?) and with much excitement I launched myself out into the beautiful Spanish waters and started swimming around with nary a care in the world.

I was so excited to be swimming in Spain, and felt so safe in such beautiful waters, that as I stroked out towards my friends it came as a huge shock when my chest and neck suddenly exploded in stinging pain, along with my hand when I instinctively tried to swipe away whatever creature was attacking me! As I back-paddled, I saw the nasty and not-so-little mauve coloured fellow jellying off towards the cliffs, as my hand (and probably my neck) started looking as though my veins were about to start erupting from my skin. Little fudge monkey!

We stayed in the water a good while longer, albeit slightly nervous. No other jellies were spotted. No one else was stung. I feel it is entirely likely, and highly probable, that the Australian jellies seamailed the Spanish jellies and told them to look out for me and make me feel at home by sending out a bi-stingual ambassador if I ever did dare wade into their waters.

El bastardos!

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  1. Sorry I shouldn't laugh, but "bi-stingual ambassador", you're hilarious :) ps.hope he gets eaten by a turtle for being so rude, you can't just go around stinging people, what's wrong with sea-society these days...jelly-youth running rampant! :)


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