Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today one of the most beautiful ladies I know turns 50.

It's hard to believe, because she in no way acts, looks, or appears in any way to be a lady of such a fine vintage. To be honest, I think she may actually have discovered some sort of elixir of youth or be caught in a time warp of some description, because the way we've been going I'm sure that within the next few years we'll appear to be roughly the same age.

This lady is the brilliant mother of my niece and my youngest nephew, the wife of my youngest brother, and my amazing and gorgeous sister. She is my sister by marriage technically of course, but I could not love her more if I had grown up with her by my side... In fact, I did grow up with her by my side! It's just that she was a few years ahead of me which, as a sister, I can rub in a little every now and then... ;-)

Shelley is the bubbles in my champagne, the see in my saw, and one of the best sisters a girl could ever ask for. She's always been there for me to talk about love, life, and anything else that comes up in casual or not so casual conversation, and has always been 100% supportive of me, which I am immensely thankful for and appreciative of.

She is generous to a fault, exceedingly caring, infinitely beautiful - both inside and out, a superior hostess, hilariously entertaining, and she is one of the most loving women I know.

She actually gave us a bit of a scare not too long ago, and surprisingly, to me at least, expressed a little surprise herself at how much everyone gathered in around her, expressing their love and care for her. This, my dear sister, should come as no surprise what-so-ever. You are loved adoringly by anyone and everyone who knows you, and for very good reasons. You are gorgeous. GAW-JUS! So, on your birthday, lets all eat a little bit of dust and celebrate one of the most fabulous women any of us know!

Love you sis.

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