Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cultivating excitement

So the girl is back in London, and she's cold!

She had two interviews with two different recruitment agencies today, so all in all it was quite a productive day. Now she gets to sit back over the weekend and wait for the work to start coming in!

Well... Not really. It still seems to be a hard market in which to find work so I'm a little concerned about it, but am trying not to worry about it too much as history has shown I tend to be ok. Fingers crossed that this trend continues! One agency told me that the temp work is starting to come in quite nicely - the other told me it starts drying out in the lead up to Christmas. I look forward to proving the first agency right and the other wrong, but in the meantime I will be making a concerted effort to be in close contact with the three agencies I am now registered with, hassling them as much as possible until they're so sick of me they give me work to get rid of me!

I'm also trying not to be concerned about the fact that funds are very low right now. After a day of stressing yesterday, today I have decided to cultivate a sense of excitement at the fact that I'm living on the edge! I have friends that will keep me stocked up on bread (hopefully!). I have some dried apricots and a few pieces of licorice in the cupboard. I have a roof over my head and the funds to pay for another month of that roof, AND, I have a third of a bottle of scotch in my room, to help keep me warm as winter edges in!

I'm putting my faith completely in idea that I will land on my feet - after all - I always seem to have done in one way or another, and going through these times is part of the fun of traveling, right?! Besides... I do need to loose some of those Mallorcian pounds ;-)

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