Monday, December 27, 2010

The family from snowy Fayl Billot

We had gathered at the fire, for the word had passed around
That the temperature had dropped to minus four.
And the snow had not stopped falling - there were three inches on the ground
With the powder slowly creeping through the door.
All shades of scarves and beanies were adorning us that night
And thermals were the order of the day.
For ne'er had an Aussie seen a winter half this cold
And the Saffa's joined them wholly in the fray.

There was Micheal, whose knees were aching, he was closest to the flame
With his sister, oh so tiny, by his side.
Caroline and Liz, busy cooking in three rooms
Were the hardest of all the party to try to find.
And Charles was always stoking, running madly room to room
In his effort to keep four fires burning bright.
Whilst Christopher sat patiently, conversing with his aunt
As his brother sat alone in laptop-light.

But there was laughter, there was fun, there was more food than we could eat
And a snowball fight the likes we've never seen.
And a very merry Christmas was had by one and all
As we received the crisp, white Christmas of our dreams.
So thanks to Liz and Charles for their kindness and their warmth
For the croissants and wine that made our belly's grow.
For I'm sure we'll ne'er forget the coldest we have been
Nor the merriest of Christmas' in Fayl Billot.

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