Sunday, December 12, 2010

Knit like a fox

A few months ago I signed up for le cool's weekly email magazine, so that I could keep abreast of the coolest and quirkiest things going on in little old London Town whilst I'm here. Mostly I've browsed through the magazine and wistfully imagined how great it would be to have the money to be able to go and do everything I want to, but this week, I found something that was in my neighbourhood (relatively), and was free!

The ever so lovely and talented Sinead of Galavant is the brain mother (well, where there's a brain child, there'd have to be a brain mother right?) of The Crafty Fox Pop Up Market, which took place today in the Dogstar Bar & Cafe in Brixton.

Brixton, from what I can gather, seems to be London's attempt to merge Harlem with the back streets of Bangkok; with it's street markets filled with electric toys that crawl, walk, bark, and cry, and hunks of meat on display on fold-out tabletops, and it's gospel music shouting from various trailer-vans; I will admit to being slightly confused as to where exactly I was. But, I managed to navigate my way to the Dogstar and immediately fell in love with this market which made me feel like I'd just walked through my computer screen and into a real life version of Etsy! So many amazing stalls were cosily nestled into the pub, it was hard not to try on everything I saw! But, I had gone with a purpose, and that purpose was sitting up by a window on a comfy cushioned bench, surrounded by wool and knitting needles!

Tamsen, from Community Knitting Club, was kind enough to host a free two hour knitting workshop as a part of Crafty Fox. After picking up some cheap wool (hard to find over here!) and a pair of 3mm needles, I settled in and happily spent two hours surrounded by smiling, sharing women (and one man momentarily!), learning a new and speedy way to cast on, how to purl, how to do stocking stitch, and finally, how to create my very own little knitted Christmas decoration - my first ever knitting project that involved a pattern!

So, who else is up for a hot Saturday night in with a bottle of Bailey's and a ball of wool??

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