Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My world in white


Oh my bees and possums I am so freaking excited!!!! I've never seen snow before and it's just amazing - so incredibly beautiful and it just floats and falls from the sky and dances in the air - snow sways and twirls in all different directions at the same time. It brushes up against your face and gets stuck in your eyelashes and on your lips, in your hair and on your coat, making you look like a walking white marshmallow!!

It crunches underfoot and makes you slip and slide your way along the pavement. It lets you leave perfect, crispy footprints all over the place and makes the grass look magical!

Snowflakes come in all different sizes and can be so tiny you think they're rain drops, or so big and fat you spend your time staring out the window or out from the tram stop shelter, watching them lazily twirl and fall to the ground, sticking your tongue out to catch one, and laughing as they coat your hat and scarf with their big, fat, iciness.

Most importantly though, the snow clumps together like a ball of frozen dough, and lets you create retarded looking miniature snow-creatures in your lunch break, with one green smartie eye and one blue one! How freaking awesome is snow?? Seriously!


  1. Hehe, awesome!! I do like to look at snow when I have no where else to go, otherwise I find it slighty annoying and am terrified of slipping over!! But enjoy it, there is no snow here :)

  2. Jealous! I have never seen snow :(
    I've heard that eventually you get used to it and then it does nothing but give you the woops...but don't believe it, I have a theory that those that dream as children of playing in the snow (and then only see it when they are much bigger children, like in their 20's)...the novelty will never wear off! :)


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