Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Quick Catch Up In Pieces

The last few nights have really been quite cold here. Not as cold as it gets where I'm going obviously, but cold enough for me to proudly adorn my body with a combination of track pants, thick jumpers, and fluffy socks... It's a hot look, let me tell you!

This weekend His Travel Romance and I are off on a mini-break to the Margaret River region for three beautiful nights of relaxation, food, wine, and together time. Always fans of boutique-style accommodation and B&B's, we were recommended Hilltop Studios as a fabulous place to stay - the place looks amazing and the scenery reminds me a little of the bushland from our stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge last year so I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. HTR and I haven't actually had a holiday together all year, and we're about to be separated for at least six months due to his work and my travel commitments, so that makes this weekend extra special.

A little while ago I decided I needed to purchase a new handbag. More specifically, a new handbag that could be the official travel handbag for the amazing adventures of Her Travel Romance, which would be big enough to give me some extra packing room for my flights, would also be able to cope with carrying my macbook around, AND which would still look stylish on the streets of New York and London... The other day I found the perfect bag! A big, brown, soft, and gorgeous leather bag by Marcs which has carry handles and a shoulder strap for the convenience of choice and which also, happily, matches my new travel document wallet from Tusk!

(My apologies for the sub-par phone photo - it really doesn't do them justice...)

It's one month and five days until I leave Australia. 28 days until my last day at work. Not that I'm counting... US dollars purchased? Check. US dollars and 2x passports packed into new travel document wallet? Check. New travel document wallet packed into new travel handbag? Check! Waiting for the Aussie dollar to climb up against the British pound again? Check.

I realised the other day that I haven't done any knitting for quite some time... Annie decided to help me catch up.

Sunday night we had Annie's kitty-sitter over to check out the house that will be her home for five months, and most importantly, to meet the beautiful little fluff-chop. We ended up serving a delicious roast chicken with Yorkeshire puddings and gravy, minted peas, and roasted carrots and royal blue potatoes, and I made my first ever bread and butter pudding for dessert. The pudding was just amazing, and so simple! If you're interested in the recipe, it's right here. Kitty-sitter's boyfriend has already requested that we leave a copy of this out on the kitchen bench so she can make it for him at least once a week whilst she's here!

Quick blog catch up: check!

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  1. Annie is cute as always.


    Charlie is helping me with biting my hand. I don't need help with it but, I think he feels obliged.


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