Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm Not Really Here

I'm not really here because HTR and I are still on our special weekend together... Only HTR had to take some time out to go flying and become a pilot... As you do. So, whilst I'm at home saying hello to my little fluff-chop, here, in completely random order, are some photos from our oh so lovely weekend...

Brookland Valley Winery

At the Margaret River Chocolate Factory

Wise Winery

Breakfast in our bathtub

Bootleg Brewery - an oasis of beer in a desert of wine

Normal cows outside our studio

Space Invader cow at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory

After lunch at Wise Winery

My Scrabble message to our hosts at Hilltop Studios

Next destination: HTR's secret birthday surprise.... xx


  1. I like how you're pew pewing the cow, that was funny as!!!!!

  2. YUM CHOCOLATE!! It looks like you have been having a wonderful time :) I love wineries, in fact, my fiance and I are thinking about getting married at one :)


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