Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I turn 29!!! I danced my birthday in with Mr In Wonderland at midnight, then came home to sleep and woke up to some lovely presents, and a Canadian breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fried eggs and golden syrup at a cafe by the sea - complete with bubbles!

My brother in Queensland and his family sent me a handy handbag hook and some money, and Mum & Dad sent through a kitten-covered hand-made card and a birthday cheque! The ever-gorgeous Adyak sent me the most gorgeous Mimco bow brooch with a locket dangling from it, complete with photo of us and her kitty Fing on her wedding day. When I get a good photo of it, I'll be sure to show you. And of course, there's my business class flight from New York to London, courtesy of His Travel Romance!

I also waited until today to unwrap my new little pile of books, ordered via the Book Depository - fast delivery and cheap prices - the best way to buy books, ever! (end unpaid advert)

So after all this tiring birthday work, it's no surprise that a girl had to duck out to the back yard for a nap on the lawn before her lunch date with the Perth swing dancing scene...

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  1. Photo now! Photo now! Happy Birfdah ONCE AGAIN dear yak. May your year be as exquisite and as happy as this day has been for you.

    Much x 3 love



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