Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mail From Latvia

Today my three lovely vintage dresses finally arrived from Beta Boutique!

I say finally not because Beta was tardy with posting, but because Australia Post's online tracking system wasn't working. Having checked the web site every other day for the last two weeks, I actually called AusPost this afternoon to ask if they could see where my parcel was because I was concerned that it still hadn't appeared to have arrived in the country. I was informed my dresses had arrived in Sydney on 4 April but they couldn't tell me why they were still in Sydney or when I would receive them. With much disappointment I hung up the phone and plodded home, only to be greeted with a big, squishy, yellow parcel from the post office! Huzzah!

So here we have my new vintage dress, purple flower brooch from Diva, black belt that has been with me for so long I can't remember where it came from, gold leaf bangle from the Guildford Farmers Markets, black Falke stockings gifted from the gorgeous CW, and purple shoes from I Love Billy.

My first official outfit post... How'd I do?

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