Friday, April 2, 2010

Pink Running Girl

I have noticed that most blogs I read are either focussed strongly on fashion (vintage), or craft and creativity. The women behind these blogs are beautiful, intelligent, witty, creative, charming, and a joy to read about. I've seen other blogs around that focus solely on loosing weight. The women behind these blogs are strong-willed, adamant, inspiring, and they watch what they eat very, very closely. What I have not seen is a blog about a normal, everyday girl, who is somewhat fashion-oriented, loves vintage, splurges a little on desserts, loves good food and adores good wines, yet tries also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure many of the lovely ladies I read are very much like this (or else they wouldn't look so good in all those outfits I see them posting photos of!), however no one seems to mention it. So, on this weekend of chocolate indulgence (for I am not religious), I give you Pink Running Girl:

Pink Running Girl recently bought some lovely vintage frocks. Just the other day she indulged in a sumptuous three course lunch including pate, salmon, and creme caramel at a delightful French restaurant and, to evidence her crafty side, she is currently knitting a blanket. This morning, to ensure she looks good in those vintage frocks despite such indulgences as the three course French lunch, and to ensure her fingers aren't too chubby to maneuver her knitting needles, she went for a 4km run in her fabulous pink running shorts and spiffy pink sun visor. Later today she even chose a flat white over a milo double malt shake with two scoops of delicious, creamy icecream, so that she could come home later and enjoy a glass or two of red wine and her Kinder Surprise chocolate bunny. Pink Running Girl knows it's all about balance, and if you ever think she looks good, it's only because she tries hard!

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