Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gaol Time

One of the things on my 'must do before I leave Perth' list was to go and do the Tunnels Tour at the Fremantle Gaol. Double M and I managed to get this done today and it was so much fun! We had to get kitted up in lovely white over-all style suits, black gumboots, and we topped all of this with blue harnesses, red life vests and red hard hats with headlights on them! It's official. We were the hottest chicks in any Perth tunnel system today!

Our adventures underground were followed by a lovely pasta dinner at a family Italian restaurant in Fremantle - I had the special, four cheese gnocchi and oh my gawd it was amazing! I was even good enough to stop myself from eating it all in one go so that I can now look forward to if for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a public holiday in Perth but I've volunteered to work (as it's not a public holiday in other the other states of Australia, whom we deal with) so will be trundling in with my yummy pasta lunch, counting the hours and minutes down until 6pm.... Because at 6pm I'm going to watch S&TC2 in Gold Class!!! I'm so excited, it's going to be fabulous!!!

Other than that, not much to tell really... My apartment has finally settled and everything is nearly wrapped up with that. By the end of this week I should officially be debt free for the first time in about ten years! Huzzah! I have two weeks and two days left of work before I fly back to Adelaide... Everything is getting rather close now! Must email resume to temp agencies in London soon... Yep, that's about it.

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