Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Fail

Fail #1
On Friday before I left work last week, I decided to play with Adam's keyboard and make it completely awesome...

Which I thought would be taken, in our usual playful manner, with guffaws of laughter and congratulatory chuckles throughout the morning on my aweseomeness at coming up with something so utterly awesome. Instead, Mr Grumpy Pants came to work today instead of Adam, and he was nothing but annoyed at my awesome gesture, complaining that his password now wouldn't work because he couldn't get his brain to ignore the misplaced letters on his keyboard - not to mention that he hadn't even seen the word "awesome" imbedded in the top alpha row. I'd even had to give up my own 'e' for this effort! Such little appreciation to be had at 7 o'clock in the morning... We have since discussed his lack of mirth at what was so clearly an awesome joke played on my part, and he has agreed that I now have permission to change his keyboard around whenever I so wish. Oh, and he'll buy me flowers.

Fail #2
Sex & The City 2 isn't tonight!!! I slumped at my desk in complete devastation and could have cried this morning when I opened my diary and realised that I'd bought the tickets for next Monday, not this Monday! I was so looking forward to tonight! So, I've done what any girl in my situation would do, and have decided to placate my tormented soul with new episodes of Gossip Girl at home instead...


  1. Sarj speaks the truth, I was a grumpy pants. In my defence I have a bad cold which made me irritable. :(

    An agreement has been met about the keyboard. :)

  2. haha!!! So THAT'S what you two were talking about on the phone...that IS funny!

    Adam + germs= grumpy-pants!

    New episodes of Gossip Girl??? I got to the season finale(which is jaw-dropping btw!!! and am now on to Glee until they bring it back on...IN SEPTEMBER :( bums!


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