Thursday, June 17, 2010


This last week of mine in Perth is certainly proving to be a hectic one!

Dinner out practically every night, mad lunch hours spent shopping for last minute travel necessities, and trying to put together the perfect plane outfit (ie a combination of "I'm so comfy I could be a marshmallow!" and "Phoar! I'm a stylish little vixen who did nay just spend the last 24 hours traveling on a plane!"), and nary enough sleep to support it all.

To fix this, I have decided to paint my fingernails red. I believe this will help immensely.

I also decided to buy myself an entry level SLR.

I actually wasn't going to buy myself an SLR. After much thought and discussion with my dear Yak, we had actually decided that due to financial constraints, and for the ease of travel, a Nikon Coolpix P100 would be the best option. However, when I went to price compare on Monday, the first shop I went into had my little Sony on mega-sale. He was the only one of his kind left, and so they were selling him at a ridiculously cheap price - less than cost - just to get him out the door. I didn't snap him up straight away - like a good little shopper I visited other stores, and even had a lengthy discussion at a completely different shop about the pro's and con's of the Nikon Vs the Sony. In the end, the value my little Sony presented was just too good to be true - plus the fact that it's an SLR which I so desperately wanted! So, in the end, Sony Alpha 230 + memory card + camera bag + UV filter for less than half the retail price of the Sony originally and for less than what I was going to spend on a lesser camera = epic win for me!!

Now, if only I had a free night on which to learn how to use it...

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