Monday, June 21, 2010

Farewell Perth

As you would expect, time is getting a little tight around here... But I wanted to quickly post some photos from my farewell on Saturday.

Here we have my three husbands - the Best Lead aka my dance husband, Mr In Wonderland aka my work husband (and no - it does not mean we are getting a divorce just because I don't work with him after tomorrow), and Mr Italiano aka my gay husband...

A group hug/lift and carry from my fellow swing dancers...

And us dancing the Zorba over the street in front of the Greek restaurant where we had dinner... As you do!

I am so sad to be leaving Perth and all of the wonderful friends I have made here - there are moments where I have the crazy thought of canceling everything and staying right here where I feel warm and loved! But then I pull myself up, slap myself around a bit and say "Hey crazy lady! You're moving to freaking London like you've always wanted!!"

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