Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two sunrises in one day

It has begun!

My little ticker on the side bar is now redundant, because I left Australia yesterday. Or today. Depends on where you are really. Today if you're here with me.

My younger brother (meaning the younger of my two older brothers) was a star and woke up at 4:30am (as did my niece and sister-in-law to say goodbye) in order to drive me to the airport, and even came in and had a coffee with me whilst I waited to depart. I left Adelaide on a 6am flight for Brisbane.

I watched the sun rise over central Australia.

My sister-in-law and two nephews (Queensland division) were lovely enough to spend two hours traveling to and from the Brisbane International airport in order to spend ten minutes with me as I changed planes. I left Brisbane on an 11am flight for Los Angeles.

I watched the sun rise over the west coast of America.

Two sunrises on the one day. Beautiful.

I now wait in LAX (Qantas Club lounge of course...) for my now delayed flight to New York. Time enough for a brief blog update I thought.

And, because every post needs a picture; this is my Poppa and I a few days ago in South Australia. He's not bad for 91 huh? Love the cap :-)


  1. and so it begins!

    good stuff.

  2. Nawww poppa!!!!! He's so cute. And a lift to the airport in the end FTW! Don't come back I don't miss you at all! Love you xx


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