Friday, August 20, 2010

Eating adventures with Max

Yesterday, from about midday onwards, was a brilliantly fun day, spent eating everything in sight with my friend Max, who was down in the countryside for less than 24 hours before his flight back to rainy Adelaide.

We spent a great deal of our time at Sharpham Winery - a beautiful spot with tasty wines, delicious cheeses, and a mouthwatering menu at their cafe, where Max shouted me to a scrumptious three course lunch of pate, crab, and creme brulee!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we took a little walk down to the river by the winery, found our summer holiday house by the banks, and managed to avoid falling over any stiles!

The winery was followed by cream tea in Totnes, and fish and chips and glasses of scotch by the seaside. So much food! Good times to the Max :-)

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