Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A room with a view

With such a gorgeous view from my room, it seems only fair that I share it with some of my favourite things.

A warming glass of 12 year old Caol Ila late on a cool afternoon...

My runners after a record beating 16:43 Diptford circuit...

An afternoon pot of tea with a country chicken tea cosy...

And a glass of French red (chosen for the cat on the label) at sunset...

FYI - choosing wine based on it having a cute cat on the label seems to be an excellent indication of the quality of the drink. I recommend using this selection criteria.


  1. I did the same. I found a great red Shiraz called Omoo because it had a Emu on the front. I also found cover field because of a guy playing cricket of the front. Plus black chook, because of the massive black chook.


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