Friday, August 27, 2010

A weekend in Cornwall in three parts... Part Three!

On my way home to Diptford on Sunday, I called into a little town called Marazion, home of St Michael's Mount. I just love how in England, a family can live somewhere that was built in the 12th Century... I think the house I grew up in was built in the 1960's!

To get to St Michael's Mount, if the tide is out, there is a path you can walk along.

If the tide comes in however, the return journey is a boat ride - just as much fun!

I arrived at the Mount at around ten in the morning, so by the time I wandered around the castle and arrived at the church, the morning's service was about to commence. Having not attended a church service since I was about four or five years old with my grandmother, I thought it would be lovely to experience one in such a lovely setting, and I was so glad I did. To take time out to reflect, and think, and on a solo journey to not feel alone for a little while, was such a nice feeling.

Whilst I was at St Michael's Mount, I decided to join the National Trust - 48GPB for free entry into any National Trust Building and car park in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland? Deal! I'm already a third of a way to it paying for itself - especially since my second stop on Sunday was worth a tenner.

Lanhydrock is a beautiful country estate house and garden and I was just blown away by how ridiculously rich some people were/are! This house had a huge main kitchen, a smaller kitchen, a bakery room, a dairy room for making and storing cheeses, a meat hanging room, plus a few kitchen essentials storage/standing rooms, and these were, of course, all located within the staff's section of the house - the residents wouldn't even see these rooms!

I spent hours just wandering around the beautiful old house, imaging what it would have been like to live there, to spend afternoons reading and eating cream teas in the ladies sitting room, evenings in the drawing room, or in the billiards room...

Oh, I could do this life!

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