Sunday, January 31, 2010

Charcoal And Vintage Jewellery

Yesterday was the final class of my first drawing couse for the year. For three afternoons over the last three weekends I have had an absolute ball learning different techniques with charcoal, erasers, and conte crayon, from Ryan Nazzari. Ryan, who has exhibited at a range of places around Perth, from Little Creatures to The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (an example of his artwork is blogged here), is such a fun instructor, full of encouragement and random surprises - I will certainly be keeping an eye out for any future classes he may be running.

Many of our drawings were shared efforts - with a neighbour, or indeed the whole class putting charcoal to your paper before you came back to finish it off. Our focus yesterday was on drawing with emotion - working in pairs, we had to fill our half of the paper with happy or sad marks. We roamed the classroom, making happy or sad marks on everyone's paper, before returning to our own page, cutting it in half, and working with whichever emotion we were left with. Eventually, we were given a picture of a clown, which we were to work into our creation.

Today was much less productive, however I did get down to the 'peachiest retro fleamarket ever' at Sugar Blue Burlesque! The gorgeous Ash was hosting her first market stall there and by all accounts made a killing selling lovely household goodies and clothing from her wonderland. For my part, I wandered around exploring the gorgeous dresses of yesteryear and, other than making off with half of Ashliegh's stall myself, I spied a pretty little something from the lovely ladies at Vintage Splendour that I just had to have.

Every girl needs a lovely piece of vintage costume jewellery after all...

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