Monday, January 11, 2010

A Lovely Garden Party

After such a gloriously lazy day yesterday, it was incredibly hard to be at work today. I found my thoughts kept drifting to this beautiful photo shoot by Jessica Claire which has served as inspiration for my last twenty-something birthday.

Thanks to Jessica, I have now wrapped my arms tightly around the notion of an elegant and timeless garden party, and I'm not letting go! The commencement of my 30th year shall be filled with beautiful flowers in eclectic vases, paper-heart cut outs, home baked delicacies worthy of the most gourmet picnic ever thrown, and women in flowery frocks with curls in their hair, accompanied by dapper looking men. In my customary excitable and impetuous state, out-of-town guests have already been informed of my plans and have been asked if they could make it, and although it's still a good three months away, I have already begun imagining the smell of the delicious apple and rhubarb pies and the three cheese tarts that may be on the menu.
Seriously, could anything be more perfect?

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