Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Spaghetti, Cold Showers

Tonight, His Flying Romance has taken him away and so it was up to me to cook a dinner for one. Inspired by a delicious and simple meal served at the farewell on Saturday night, I decided to make a pasta dish for which the key ingredient was fresh basil. The basil, I was instructed, had to be torn and then crisped quickly in some olive oil, after which the remaining ingredients are added to the pan - it was at this point that my spaghetti sauce guru was distracted by the dance floor, and I received no further advice on how to replicate what had moments before existed in my now licked-clean bowl.

Tonight's resulting dish was tasty, but I have to admit that the sauce was not as good as the other night... I do know that Saturday's spaghetti was made with a jar - I work under the assumption that fresh produce always tops a jar, naturally, so I will keep playing with my tomato and herb combinations until I get this one right. I think it's definitely a case of less is more...

Meanwhile, with two days over 40, I'm finding myself spending all of my 'at home' time sequestered away in our bedroom, taking full, simultaneous advantage of the air-conditioner and the pedestal fan. Most of the rooms in our house are not air-conditioned and it's ridiculously hot up in the lounge room. The kitchen, with it's wooden, cushion-less chairs, just isn't a comfy place to relax. So, I find myself perpetually propped up by pillows on the bed, only ever venturing out of this one cool room in order to top up my bottle of water with yet more ice.

Today was so hot, it was actually one of those rare days where I felt comfortable having a shower with only the cold tap on. I am a sook when it comes to being cold (and yes, I am aware of the irony of me leaving Australia for England, right before their winter no less) - even on a mild evening I can be counted upon to bring a shawl to the outdoor cinema, just in case - and it usually gets used! So for me to have a cold tap shower only is saying something... Of course, the cold water isn't all that cold anymore...

Reading: We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. So far, a woman's contemplation about her life and what led to her son becoming a killer.

Impressed by: Marisa's goal to buy 365 items of clothing for $365 in 365 days. This lass is seriously crafty - some of her finds, and fixes, are absolutely brilliant and extremely inspiring.

Finding: Many, many people with whom I would love to do a work-exchange or two via Work Away, including assisting a real life cowboy in Phoenix, Arizona! Seriously, how cool would that be??

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