Saturday, January 23, 2010

Existing In Strawberries

I love how Fridays can sometimes not feel like a week day, but rather a day of gradual transition to the weekend. At work, we can dress casually on Fridays - I get to don my pretty skirts and be more playful with my hair. On Friday mornings, I can get ready for work with a smile on my face, knowing that Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys will be watching me lindy hop my way around the dance floor at the Mustang Bar in a mere matter of hours. On Fridays at lunch time, I can leave my packed lunch at home, venture away from the food courts, and head somewhere a little more special (I am wearing my pretty skirt and playful hair after all)... Somewhere like the Greenhouse.

My lovely lunch date and I had both been dying to try this place out ever since it opened last month, and Friday was the day! The Greenhouse is a striking restaurant that is all about recycling, re-using, and gardening. The entire outside of the building is covered in strawberry plants and almost everything inside, from the plastic crates used to make the floor, to the recycled jars used for serving dessert, is experiencing a new lease on life filled with purpose and thrifty love.

Foreground: spicy prawn, tofu, duck egg noodles
Background: skirt steak, green mango, cashew & fragrant herb salad
In the glass: home made organic iced tea

The food was just divine - perfectly sized portions of amazingly fresh produce served on colourfully inviting plates. Even though our lunch hour was already up, we couldn't resist playing truant so that we could degust a little dessert.

My watermelon jelly was delicious and refreshing...

Watermelon jelly, berries, lemon granita, labne

... But my lovely date's heaven-in-a-jar was just earth moving. Er. Mer. Gerd.

Valronha chocolate cream, cherries, hazelnut biscuit

If only lunch could last forever!

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