Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tonight I decided to browse through the West Coast Blues 'n' Roots Festival web site and choose a few more artists to add to my playlist and check out on Sunday.

By pure, random, delighted, happy luck, the very first band I clicked on was...

The Swell Season!! I can't begin to tell you how freakishly excited I am by this! I am absolutely fizzing with screaming joy, excitement, and anticipation! For those who don't know, The Swell Season is Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, who are the couple from Once. For those who don't know Once, well, I suggest you go out to your nearest DVD shop and rent it or buy it now! If the nearest DVD shop is already closed for the night, scout around the building for an open window... If all else fails, get over here and I'll set you up in my lounge room with a cozy blanket and you can watch my copy. I'll even bring you a glass of wine or a ho'cho' and snuggle into your shoulder whilst we watch. It wont be creepy, I promise...

Once is a beautiful story with beautiful music, and the people who made that music are going to be playing in front of me in a mere matter of days! Er. Mer. Gerd!! The excitement is doubled because I seriously didn't even know they were going to be there until about half an hour ago! Eep!

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  1. The creepy thing slapped a big goofy grin on to my face.


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