Saturday, March 6, 2010

British Kitsch

Thursday was a fabulous day! Dressed in my lovely new navy blue dress, lips smacking of red and with a white flower headband in my hair, I became a British citizen!

I was congratulated on my accomplishment by one of my dearest friends who, for reasons unknown even to us, refers to me as I refer to her...

I also received a lovely key chain from Mother Romance, in the shape of the Royal Crown. Such a sweet gift.

I celebrated that night with dinner out at the aforementioned Kitsch Bar before dancing, which was just amazing!

The Best Lead and Mr V, who joined me for this gastronomical delight.

My fragrant and very tasty lon of prawns simmered in coconut with rice crackers and poached vegetables. Mr V has decided that the next time he eats here, this will be his dish of choice.

The boys both had duck nam prik ong with iceberg, tomato and pork scratchings. Quite tasty but, in my opinion, not quite as good as the lom.

Comic strips cover the bathroom doors. Very kitsch.

Chocolate sandwich with peanut brittle icecream. This dish may or may not have been used to tease Mr V with, as he had to leave before dessert to go and prep for the dance lessons for the night. Simply put, it was heaven in your mouth.

One of my favourite features of Kitsch - the lamps on the staircase to nowhere.

Today's adventures see the celebrations and the planning continue. First stop, scouting out camera shops for a good, but small SLR for my travels. Second stop, a bike shop to get my wheels valued so I can sell them in order to buy the good, but small SLR for my travels. Third stop, Peninsula Tea Gardens for a celebratory high tea! Fourth stop, the movies, to see Alice in Wonderland! And all in my lovely new skirt. Yay!

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  1. Hahahahahah! Priceless...we laugh, as the rest of the world shakes its head in utter confusion.

    Love you xx


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