Monday, March 22, 2010

Long Time No Blog

It was pointed out to me today that my blog has been doing a poor job at keeping people updated with my life this last week... Fair call. But that's only because I've been busy baking and planning and spending time with His Travel Romance, who is away for the best part of this week...

So, now that I'm home alone in the house with Annie, and now that there is an absolutely fabulous storm raging outside my window, throwing sheets of rain down onto rooftops and giving them a fuzzy appearance, and flooding streets and driveways, and now that I'm all comfy in my PJ's on my couch with a chocolate chip cookie and a glass red wine within easy reach, and now that Two Hairy Bikers are telling me about their adventures in Morocco via my television, I can finally sit back and tell you a bit about my week.

Really, this week has all been a lead up to yesterday, which was Our Travel Romance's third year anniversary. I've never actually been with someone for three years before, so this seems like a great accomplishment for me. To celebrate, I decided I was going to lean on the creativity of Katie Sokoler and, rather than spend a fortune, which my London-bound self can't afford to do, I made my lovely old dinosaur a flip book and I baked him some heart shaped chocolate chip cookies! In all honesty, the cookies were only borrowed sub-consciously, because I could have sworn I had the idea myself, until I stumbled across Katie's cookies whilst looking for the link to her flip book...

The photo below was what I used as the gift tag for the chocolate chip cookies - they were bundled up in some dark purple felt with silver string, and I wrote on the photo in red marker, "sweet hearts for my sweetheart". Naww...

I'm actually munching on one of the chocolate chip cookies right now. The recipe I used (from Taste) is lovely - so buttery it almost tastes like shortbread.

In return I was delighted to receive two vouchers - the first for dinner at Chez Pierre on a night yet to be chosen, and the second for two tickets to see Cats!! I'm so excited!! I booked our tickets today for the 29th of April - only just behind the premium seating section! Eep!

So, now that the sun has emerged just in time to duck down behind the horizon (hiding from the next sweep of the storm), and now that my second glass of shiraz has disappeared along with the cookie, and now that a 1980's re-run of Alf has finished and my head is warm and fuzzy, I'm going to put aside my macbook and, in an effort to channel my inner nanna, I'm going curl up and turn to my knitting and my glass of muscat...

Reading: George Orwell's 1984.
Knitting: A blanket for a homeless child to keep them warm this winter.
Wanting: To visit Scarborough in North Yorkshire, England.
Counting down to: the Cloudy Bay Vineyards Wine Dinner at Fraser's this Friday, and the West Coast Blues n Roots Festival this Sunday.
Excited about: receiving my birthday invitations, currently being created by Yak!

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