Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speeding Week

It's only Wednesday and already this week feels like it is flying by. His Travel Romance left for Adelaide today - he's attending his sister's wedding on Saturday and spending a few days either side with his parents and some friends. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go (funds are rather tied up right now in anticipation of what's happening in two months, four weeks, and two days time! Eep!), which means I am left to amuse myself for the Easter long weekend. Fortunately, I have a friend's birthday drinks and nibbles tomorrow night followed by dancing followed by Kitsch, and on Friday a lovely girlfriend from Adelaide, who is in town for the weekend, will be meeting me for lunch at the fabulous Little Creatures. Saturday is birthday friend's girly birthday lunch in the Swan Valley and then... Well, I have a house to clean, and some knitting to do!

I'm not sure how to neatly sew these two subjects together so, quick! Look over there! Was that something blue?? No? Well, speaking of blue, here are some photos of me and my fellow Blues 'n' Roots Festival goers...

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