Saturday, July 24, 2010

Devonshire Tea me!

One of the things I was looking forward to the most with coming to England was to be able to eat scones slathered in jam and dolloped with cream absolutely everywhere I went! Alas, it turns out that Devonshire Tea's are not that popular here Putney/Fulham...

After much frustration and many apologetic looks from cafe owners, I eventually managed to stumble across some scones! Albeit, in a Waitrose supermarket... The pre-prepared variety with whipped cream that are slightly stale no matter how quickly you get to them...

But, beggers can't be choosers! So, Waitrose scones, plus "super jam" (a jam made with only fruit and fruit juice, no added sugar - yum!) to add a bit of extra deliciousness are my bed buddies tonight as I lounge in Mara's room, watching Dr Who and looking forward to an early night...

Oh - and note the sunshine through the window? That's 7:30pm sunshine. It's quite similar to 4:30am sunshine... I saw both today - hence the quite night!


  1. They look pretty nice.
    I'll have to make some here.

  2. 7.30 pm sunshine looks pretty nice. I'll have to make some here :)


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