Sunday, July 11, 2010

A spoon full of sugar

A few evenings ago, right after sushi and the spiciest bloody mary that ever existed, right after the Sex & The City Tour, Donna and I did something else that was utterly brilliant... We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway!

As soon as the orchestra starting playing I was right back in my childhood (which would've been better if I had actually shrunk down to child-sized me - the distance between the seats was almost non-existant!), shuffling around and singing chim chiminee with soot on my nose and riding on magical ponies sprung out from a carousel! Although, they didn't do the horses, which I was a little upset about. They did however have the bird lady, who steals my heart every time!

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  1. Well I did say that it was based on the book and not the movie - no horses and race scene in the book. ;) So clearly, the movie is better! Coz I was disappointed that that scene wasn't in it either... But having said that, it was still BRILLIANT!


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