Friday, July 9, 2010

Sex & The City!

Today I went on the Sex & The City Tour!!! Any of you who know me vaguely will realise I am a huge, HUGE S&TC fan, so this entire post is dedicated to this tour.

For those who don't like S&TC, here are some horses:

Now, the tour starts off in front of the Pulitzer Fountain, opposite the Plaza Hotel.

The scene where Carrie says goodbye to Big (her Hubble) was filmed right here! "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with."

Also, some of the 80's flashback scenes in the second movie were also filmed here. Plus, of course, Big's engagement party to Natasha was at the Plaza, and Miranda's interior decorator married Miranda's friend in the Plaza! Miranda was in charge of the guest book and Charlotte wore the amazingly sexy black bridesmaids dress.

The Plaza Hotel is also the home of the Oak Bar - where Samantha meets her old millionaire after work one day.

Right across from this is the corner. THE corner ladies! This is the corner where Carrie gets splashed by a bus in the opening credits. Carrie in her pink tu-tu stood right here!

On this corner is Bergdorf Goodman - absolutely amazing department store to the rich - this is where Charlotte and Trey had their wedding registry.

Coming up next we have the park where Charlotte and Harry let little Miss Elizabeth Taylor off her lead... and she was gang-banged by all the boy dogs!

I loved that the tour combined both scenes from the series, and the movies. We got to visit Buddakan, which was the amazing restaurant where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the first movie, the night before he left her standing in the NY Library...

The table where everyone was waiting for Big and Carrie - I took the photo
from where Big and Carrie stood when they first arrived.

The bar where Carrie asked Big for her last single girl kiss!

Me standing under the sign out front - this is where Samantha and Big
were standing, smoking cigars, when Steve arrived to speak with Miranda.

This is Aiden's furniture workshop and store:

This is the exclusive roof-top pool that Samantha desperately wanted to get into! So much so that she ended up stealing another woman's identity to get in there:

This is Charlotte's art gallery:

And finally, this is Scout Bar! This is the bar that was used as Steve and Aiden's bar - it's actually called O'Neal's Speakeasy, but this is it. The white awning to the left is where Aiden fed Carrie her piece of cake after she dropped her fork, on the bar's opening night. The awning wasn't there at filming though.

Ahhh... Love it :-)

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  1. The horses were kool.

    Got any more shots of the horses?


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