Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I have learned in NY

  1. You can ignore the pedestrian traffic lights and laws and cross whenever and wherever you feel like it - even if it's right in front of a couple of NYPD blues!
  2. Hot dogs aren't that big.
  3. Anthropologie is the best shop in the world*!
  4. New Yorkers are friendly! Some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Period.
  5. American coins are as annoying as a toy that comes without batteries.
  6. Perthites don't know what quince paste is... in NY you can get it by the bucket**!!
  7. Most meals come with a complimentary pickle.
  8. Things are exponentially more expensive on 5th Avenue!
  9. The darker the bar, the cooler the bar. Unless it's a rooftop bar - that's cool too.
  10. No one in NY is from NY.

* at this current point in time.
** well, almost! It's a bloody big tub at least...

Currently sitting in the First Class lounge of British Airways at JFK waiting for my business class flight to London (thanks HTR!!), three wines and one port down, trying to pretend that I'm rich so that the real rich people don't realise I'm here on frequent flyer points! Shhh! :-)

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