Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I feel like I have been flat out since arriving in London! Hence the severe lack of updates here...

I'm still flat out - I had an appointment with a bank this morning, and I have an interview this afternoon, but I thought I would quickly share my business class experience!

I had to try and be sneaky with all my photos in the plane, because I didn't want to be easily spotted as the poor girl flying on frequent flyer points who doesn't really have the financial position to *really* be there!

Despite having already had dinner in the supper room in the First Class Lounge at JFK (ahem), I couldn't resist having a second dinner on the plane as it sounded so yummy!! Entree of bocconcini and salad, bread roll, main of steak and vegetables, desert pie, glass of scotch, all brought to you as if you are in a restaurant ie - not on a trolley! Oh I loved it!! Plus I chose to get an entertainment unit and watch a movie which meant a very late night and only a few hours actual sleep on my flat bed... Bliss.

I never want to fly economy again...


  1. Oh wow, pick me!! I want to fly business class!! Looks like a cracking good time :)

  2. Really missing you over here. Looks like you are having a corker of a time. Business Class in Bed socks=all class. But at least you had the good scotch Black not Red. Lots of love and kisses


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