Thursday, July 8, 2010

A million to one

I feel like there are a million things I could say but, as always, it's nearly midnight and I'm too tired to write too much!

I had a fabulous day today - I bought my new Ray Ban Aviators - huzzah! And Donna bought us tickets to go and see Mary Poppins on Broadway tomorrow night - I can't wait!! We then relaxed and had cocktails at a little bar called Ward III in Tribeca, which was just lovely... Cocktails, air-conditioning, trashy magazines - bliss I tell you!

Afterwards, we came home to freshen up, meet Simon, and then we went to a champagne, chocolate, and oysters evening at Vosges which was just ah-may-zing! Absolutely delicious, and met some lovely, lovely people. Have I mentioned New Yorkers are incredibly friendly?

Yesterday, the lovely Simon took Donna and I out to celebrate our new hair-do's. We went to an amazing wine bar called Clo Wine Bar where there was an interactive menu and you poured your own wines from a selection of bottles in the walls! Loved it!!

And the view from Clo's wasn't so bad either...


  1. That looks awesome.

    I want a interactive menu.

    Can you get me one!


    You obviously have good taste.

    That is all.

    K Bye

    P.S. that /\ was a pic of me in aviators

  3. Eek, Mary Poppins on Broadway!! Amazing. I have yet to find a musical happening here in Sydney that I want to go to, but I've got tickets to see four things so far in the next two months. That's one thing I love about living in a big city.

    Great sunnies too :)


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